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Terms and Conditions 

Submitting Art Work

Submitting your work to us is acceptance of these terms and conditions below.


What To Submit 


Vile seeks to showcase your creative and conceptual peice. We welcome a diverse range of mediums including but not limited to illustrations, sculpture’s, collage, embroidery, textiles, poems, photography, as long as they have a creative twist or a conceptual idea. We are interested in your perspectives on the world and are eager to publish your creations. 


In addition to your image(s), kindly provide a brief description of your artwork and/or your overall theme as an artist. Where possible also include a website and/or social media page where our readers can view more of your work. Each submitted image must be accompanied by no more than 600 characters, excluding spaces.


Publication Schedule


While we may not publish your works in the next month's issue, this does not imply that we do not wish to include you in the zine. We may believe that your work will be better suited for a different issue alongside artists that align more closely with your medium or explored  themes. We will notify you if and when your submission has been selected. If you submit multiple images, we may only select one for publication. We may consider publishing one of your other images in a future issue, and we will inform you if we choose to do so. 




We have the right to print your image, within the zine issue, for as many copies wanted at any point in time. We have the right to use your image on social media and other marketing methods for Vile Art Zine.


You will retain the rights to your images and will be able to use them how you see fit. We will not license your work to third parties without your prior agreement and the fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 


For each submitted image, Vile Zine will produce a limited quantity (20) of prints with Vile Art Zine branding on the back, creating a limited edition run of your work with us.  




As a new publication created by artists and the low selling price of the zine, we are unable to offer monetary compensation to contributors. However, you will receive 100% of the profits from the sale of individual prints of your work. Please note that the profits exclude the production of the print, postage, and the website fees. The profit percentage is 58.3% of sale price.




By submitting your work, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions stated above. We appreciate your interest in working with us and look forward to collaborating with you.

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