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Welcome to Vile Art Zine, a platform dedicated to showcasing bold and daring works of art from a diverse range of artists. Our name, Vile, is derived from the Latin word "vilis," meaning of little value or cheap, which we've reinterpreted to mean unconventional and disregarded by society. 


As a newly established platform, our focus is on presenting pieces that challenge the status quo and bring under represented artists to the forefront. We showcase a variety of styles and mediums, from the avant-garde to the disturbing, and everything in between. Our goal is to create a dynamic and inclusive space for artistic expression, where all voices can be heard, regardless of background or experience. We believe that great art often comes from unexpected places and we're dedicated to giving a voice to these under represented artists. That's why we welcome submissions from artists of all skill levels, from seasoned professionals to aspiring amateurs.  


In addition to featuring a wide range of artists and art forms, we are proud to offer all of the images featured in our zine as limited-edition prints for sale. We believe that art should be accessible and affordable, and we're excited to offer a new way for our readers to experience and collect the pieces we feature.


We hope you enjoy exploring the eclectic mix of art featured on our site and that you find inspiration in the works of our talented contributors.

Thank you for visiting Vile Art Zine.

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